Friday, 18 November 2016

Design Ides for my game

I've been working on my Design Ideas for my game that I am going to make.


Danni Stone said...

Hi Justin, I like the mind map you have created about your game! This game sounds quite similar to one that is already available online, how could you make yours different/ better?

Ruby SLJ said...

Hi Justin,

My name's Ruby and I'm part of the Summer Learning Journey team.

This is such an interesting brain storm! It's great that you are working on making your own game. I've never tried to do anything like that ever before so I'm very impressed.

It's great to see that you have registered with the Summer Learning Journey program to blog with us this summer! Remember to head on over to the website and get started on the activities! Here is a link to the website:

Once you've picked an activity to start with, all you have to do is post the completed activity here on your blog, we'll read it, and you can get some points!

I look forward to reading your first activity :)

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